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TC Vision

AI-based autonomous driving evaluation cloud service that can be started immediately without the need for specialized equipment.


The KEISUU DRONE kit uses Raspberry Pi and ROS for autonomous flight control and Pixhawk and Ardu Pilot for stable flight control. The communication protocol uses MAVLink. ―These are de facto standards and widely used in the field of drone development, so if you master them, you can play an active role as a drone engineer anywhere in the world.

Counting AI

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Identifying objects in images and counting their number.

Personal Robot

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This personal robot can be used in reception of the hotels and hospitals. It can talk the greetings with the customers and guide the customer which types of service they want to get.

Mecanum Robot

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It is a robot capable of heading in any direction. Capable of loading up to 20 kg, the actuators are based on brushless servo motor, which gives a high speed of movement.

Flat gear box

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Flat gear box is a gearbox that generate high torque to use in different branches of the industry or research. It is based in servo brushless motor.