Voice Assistant Device

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Our Voice Assistant is a wearable smart device designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life. This sleek and versatile neck-wearable device combines with its impressive features and capabilities.

Advanced Hardware :

  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2W

    The heart of our Wearable Voice Assistant, this powerful mini-computer ensures lightning-fast processing and connectivity.

  • Speakers

    Immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio with dual 30mm speakers that deliver exceptional sound quality.

  • Battery

    Our device is equipped with a long-lasting battery to keep you connected throughout the day.

  • Microphone Module

    A high-quality microphone module ensures clear and accurate voice recognition.

  • Camera

    Capture the world around you with an integrated camera, enabling object detection and much more.

Product Specification

Products Voice Assist Device
Description Neckband Speaker
Length 155.00mm
Width 150.00mm
Height 48.80mm
Battery 8.4V
Camera 5 MP
Speakers 2 * 20mm Speaker
Microphone Yes

Voice-Activated Assistance

Enjoy hands-free control with voice commands that empower you to access information, perform tasks, and interact with your device effortlessly. Our advanced voice recognition technology ensures accurate and responsive interactions.

Comfortable Neck-Wearable Design

Designed for comfort and convenience, our device easily rests on your neck, allowing you to wear it throughout the day without discomfort. Stay connected and informed while on the go.

Intelligent Object Detection

Our Wearable Voice Assistant features state-of-the-art object detection capabilities, providing you with real-time information about your surroundings. Stay informed and safe as the device identifies objects and relays vital information through the speakers.