About Us

Who are we?

Our company comprises with international IT Technicians, tech experts, and creators of new technology. We are working by connecting with Foreign companies to extend our products and services.

Developing Fields


AI Technology


Computer Vision




Other Emerging Technologies

Our MIssion

We eliminate the disparities arising from race, sex, age and body in the world utilizing the technologies of AI and robots.

Our Vision

We contribute to make the people’s life safer, easier and more convenient, and get them happier.

Our Team


Naohiro Hayaishi

Representative Director

Hnin Wai Zin

Hnin Wai Zin

Division Manager of New Business Development

Kousuke Takeuchi

Division Manager of Technical Development

Hisanori Date

Hisanori Date

Professional Manager

Our Story

Collaboration & Participation

We joined and participated in EMFUTECH program of Mirai Innovation.

We joined with UIT – University of Information Technology and UCSY-University of Computer Studies Yangon, for internship program in Myanmar.

We participated a lot of exhibitions and presentations to introduce about our technologies.

Our Partners

Collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes