KEISUU Controller

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Just install it in the vehicle body and it will work with the app and the cloud. A box-type computer that provides the latest robot AI system.

1. Multiple robots can be managed / linked and controlled with one app.
2. Environmental map for self-driving can be shared among multiple robots.
3. Robot cooperation function can be used at a remote site via cloud service.
4. Movement control can be automatically optimized according to the weight of the vehicle.
5. You can use the latest tracking functions such as the footprint memory function of the tracking target.

You can use the app installed on your tablet (Android / iOS) to operate the remote control, manage multiple robots, check the running status, battery level, etc.

You can create a map of the environment and move safely to the point indicated.

This map can be shared between multiple robots.

With the exclusive cloud service provided by the KEISUU controller, robot management can be performed between remote sites.

It will automatically control the most suitable movement according to the weight loaded /towed by the robot.

  • Slowly when the load is heavy
  • Fast when the load is light
  • Can operate indoors / outdoors
  • Strong against the influence of outside light
  • Beacon for tracking is not necessary, and tracking is possible with a single robot.
  • Even if you lose track of the target, it will run safely by the remembered route.

At the first setting, roughly set the environment such as the size and attachment position of the tire and the size of the obstacle.


After the initial setting is completed,on-site alignment setting will be caried out to confirm the operation.

  • Put the KEISUU controller in a BOX with wheels, etc.
  • Suspend the tires and check the safety (remote control operation).
  • Check the operation (remote control operation) in the actual environment by putting it on the floor.
  • Connect to the KEISUU controller from your PC via WiFi and adjust the parameters while checking if obstacles and tracking targets in the vicinity are recognized.



Torque around 2N.M

Diameter89 mm
Weight650 g
Input voltage

8 - 36

Rated output200 w
Rated torque1.64 N.M
Stall torque5 N.M
Rated rotation speed780 rpm
Thrust weighted [N]3480
Radial weighted [N]2230
Diameter89 mm
Weight880 g
Input voltageAug-36
Rated output200 w
Rated torque2.42 N.M
Stall torque5.8 N.M
Rated rotation speed490 rpm
Thrust weighted [N]6000
Radial weighted [N]3250

Torque around 3N.M

Reduction ratio

1 : 6

Diameter76 mm
Weight335 g
Voltage24 - 48
Rated output70 w
Rated torque3.5 N.M
Stall torque11.5 N.M
Rated rotation speed190 rpm
Thrust weighted [N]4000
Radial weighted [N]3150

Torque around 5N.M

Reduction ratio

1 : 8

Diameter79 mm
Weight440 g
Voltage24 - 48
Rated output160 w
Rated torque5 N.M
Stall torque15.3 N.M
Rated rotation speed300 rpm
Thrust weighted [N]4000
Radial weighted [N]3150

Torque around 8N.M

Reduction ratio

1 : 6

Diameter84 mm
Weight630 g
Voltage24 - 48
Rated output188 w
Rated torque9 N.M
Stall torque21 N.M
Rated rotation speed200 rpm
Thrust weighted [N]4000
Radial weighted [N]3150
Reduction ratio

1 : 9

Diameter84 mm
Weight565 g
Voltage24 - 48
Rated output160 w
Rated torque9 N.M
Stall torque25.6 N.M
Rated rotation speed170 rpm
Thrust weighted [N]4000
Radial weighted [N]3150

Torque around 19 N.M

Reduction ratio

1 : 7

Diameter106 mm
Weight1190 g
Voltage24 - 48
Rated output420 w
Rated torque19 N.M
Stall torque38 N.M
Rated rotation speed210 rpm
Thrust weighted [N]4000
Radial weighted [N]3150

Torque around 50N.M

Reduction ratio1:25
Diameter125 mm
Weight1700 g
Voltage24 - 48
Rated output350 w
Rated torque50 N.M
Stall torque75 N.M
Rated rotation speed65 rpm
Thrust weighted [N]4590
Radial weighted [N]4330