Automatic Transport Robot

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This robot follows people automatically and tow luggage up to 600 kg. We added new function to create a map with LIDAR data, and drive automatically the route it has been passed once.


  • This transport robot automatically tracks behind a walking person while towing up to 600 kg of luggage.
  • As a new function, by scanning the surrounding information with LIDAR while tracking and transporting, and creating a map inside the warehouse, it is now possible to automatically move the route once traveled.
  • Currently, for general use, we are developing a product that makes you easy to switch between tracking mode and automatic driving mode from a smartphone application, and to set a new automatic driving route by tapping the created map information.

Product Specification

Product Name PITAKURU
Description PITAKURU is a Semi-automatic towing transfer robot that can tow luggage by tracking the human.
Length 653.00mm
Width 560.00mm
Height 439.00mm
Weight [we need to measure using special equipment]
Maximum Speed 6km/h
Battery Li-ion 24V, 100Ah
Charger Input: 100V AC
Output: 24V, 25A(Max)
Charging time Up to 8 hours
Positioning Accuracy (mm) 0.0652m / 1m move
Continuous Running Time 10 hours
LiDar 10M / 270°
Ultrasonic no