Automatic Transport Robot

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This robot can track human automatically and tows loads up to 600 kg. It has a function to create a map with LIDAR data and drive automatically the route it has been passed once.


This transport robot automatically tracks behind a walking person while towing up to 600 kg of luggage.

As a new function, by scanning the surrounding information with LIDAR while tracking and transporting, and creating a map inside the warehouse, it is now possible to automatically move the route once traveled.

Currently, for general use, we are developing a product that makes you easy to switch between tracking mode and automatic driving mode from a smartphone application, and to set a new automatic driving route by tapping the created map information.

Product Specification

Product Name ZUTTA
Description Zutta is an autonomous towing robot capable of towing loads by tracking the human.
Length Approx.58cm
Width Approx.56cm
Height Approx.52cm
Maximum Speed 6km/h
Battery Sealed Lead Acid 24V, 100Ah
Charger Input: 100V AC
Output: 24V, 25A(Max)
Charging time 5 hours ~ 8 hours
Positioning Accuracy (mm) 0.0652m / 1m move
Continuous Running Time 10 hours
LiDAR 30m / 360°