Semi-automatic towing transfer robot

PITAKURU is a Semi-automatic towing transfer robot that can tow luggage by tracking the human

There is no need to change the position of the warehouse for full automation, and you can easily adjust the layout according to the difference condiiton.

If you lose track of what you are
tracking, you can safely drive
along the walking route to the
point immediately before it.

The speed is automatically adjusted according
to the weight of the towed luggage.

Joystick remote control- It can control manually
by using a Smart Phone Application (Android / iOS)

Easy connection by reading the QR code!

In the tracking mode,
when you need to pass the
robot in narrow space,
you can adjust the movement
of the robot with remote control.

It is also possible to create a map
of the warehouse and automatically
drive on the route decided by the user.

Double safety performance

What is Double Safety Performance?
It can stop safely with Non-contact detection and bumper sensor can stop tire
lock for unexpected contact.

Originally Towing hook

Compatible with
two types of carts.

Product Summary

Product Name : PITAKURU
Transport Weight : 600kg
Maximum speed: 6km / h * When not towing

Company Profile

Company Name : KEISUUGIKEN Co.,Ltd