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Myanmar Internship Program

We are collaborating and spreading the technology solutions across many countries and University via some programs.


We started Myanmar internship program at the end of 2019 in collaboration with KEISUU Myanmar Co.Ltd and University of Information Technology - UIT.


For internship program, the directors of KEISUU Myanmar company connected with UIT University to introduce the KEISUUGIKEN corporation and conduct interviews for the internship.

Student Selection

From that interview, seven students were selected for the 2020 internship program.


After finished interview, UIT, KEISUUGIKEN and student signed for an internship agreement.

KEISUUGIKEN and KEISUU Myanmar work together in partnership with UIT and UCSY to recruit new IT professionals every year. We support internship salary and any other costs (such as Accomodations and Transportation costs) during internship period.

Internship Process Moments