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Current Monitoring System

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With conventional monitoring systems, in order to recognize abnormalities  such as accidents, crimes, and natural disasters in real time, it is necessary to monitor scenes continuously and recognize the abnormalities by someone.


In addition, even for monitoring systems that use AI, it is currently necessary to customize the detection model (such as detecting shoplifting at retail stores) according to the type of abnormality required by the installer, depending on the installation location.

Strength of the Patent of AI Monitoring System

Near Future Monitoring System

With the generalization of autonomous cars, drones, etc., the versatile AI monitoring cameras mounted on moving objects will detect abnormalities such as accidents, crimes, and natural disasters at an early stage, and the loss of the society will be able to be reduced. 


About the Patent of Our AI Monitoring System

Problems with conventional monitoring cameras The Patent solves the problems of conventional monitoring cameras
It was necessary for observers to constantly monitor the images.
That AI automatically determines the type of monitored target.
Require customized settings for each installation location.
It is possible to acquire abnormality judgment according to the monitoring target from the cloud.
Certain abnormality only could be detected.
It can constantly update the abnormality judgment model.