Meet PITAKURU, an Autonomous towing robot capable of towing loads in the warehouse, created by Seeed’s partner KEISUUGIKEN.

Moving businesses online becomes new mainstream trends, making delivery services the new normal. In line with the growth of the online business, the demand for courier services that help deliver the ordered packages has risen significantly. Accordingly, the burden it has on the workers also increased. In face of this new challenge, KEISUUGIKEN and Seeed came together to provide an autonomous towing robot called “PITAKURU”.


“PITAKURU” is an autonomous towing robot capable of towing loads in the warehouse. “PITAKURU” has the ability to track humans while towing heavy objects and can be operated indoors and outdoors. It uses laser tracking, enabling to follow individuals without being affected by external light, and there is no need to install accessories such as tracking beacons. These features enable “PITAKURU” to be used anywhere with easy access, even if the users are unfamiliar with the use of towing technologies.